5 Successful Facebook Marketing Campaigns

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Facebook and social media marketing success is often displayed when big brands and stars with millions of fans and deep pockets run a campaign that also attracts mainstream mass media attention.5 Successful Facebook Marketing Campaigns Case Studies

This can be seen with the wildly successful Old Spice campaign that saw millions of YouTube views, Twitter tweets and Facebook likes.

The reality in small business struggle street is that often the big buckets of money are not available and resources are limited. What must also be kept in mind that obtaining more likes in Facebook is cool but what small business really wants is more sales!

So how do you launch a Facebook marketing campaign and make it successful? How do small businesses use Facebook to get big results!

Facebook marketing tactics that work

There are a range of tactics that can be useful for achieving marketing goals but proven tactics that work are:

The rise and the continuing maturing of  social media has seen the arrival of a plethora of tools and apps that make it easier for businesses and brands to implement marketing campaigns that are simple and cost effective. Constant Contact is one of those companies that offers email and social media marketing tools that make it easy and cost effective to create a Facebook custom tab that produces results.

Here are five of some of the successful Facebook marketing campaigns achieved by companies using their tools.

Facebook Marketing Case Study #1.

Offering something for free is a proven marketing tactic.  The Book Binding Workshop offered a free 248 page hardcover book to anyone that bought $300 0f book binding supplies.

They achieved two goals:

  1. An increase in fans from 50 to 650 in just a month
  2. Increase in sales of $15,000

Successful Facebook Marketing campaigns for small business case study 1

Facebook Marketing Case Study #2

Elaine Topper of BellaSoleil, (a Tuscan home decor retailer) offered a a 10% discount via a special code on a reveal page that clients saw after “liking” the Facebook page . Her email list wasn’t huge at 1,767 subscribers but the results were noticeable.

  1. It produced a $10,000 profit
  2. Facebook page “likes” grew by 200% in just 3 weeks

Successful Facebook Marketing campaigns for small business case study 2

Facebook Marketing Case Study #3.

Jay McKeever  at Seconds & Surplus offered a coupon that gave a 10% discount after a Fan “liked” the page. Along with that he ran surveys, quizzes and posted photos to increase engagement.

The results:

  1. $12,000 in sales directly from Facebook with total sales increase of over $32,000 in one month
  2. Increase in the Facebook fan count by 300%

Successful Facebook Marketing Campaigns Case Study 3

Facebook Marketing Case Study #4.

Sometimes brand awareness and postioning your company as a thougjht leader in its industry are the campaign goals. Property Minder a web service firm that specialises in solutions for real estate agencies ran a Facebook campaign that offerred a “Free Download” of a white paper.

The results:

  1. 327 new fans
  2. 584 downloads of the whitepaper

Facebook Marketing Case Study #5

Sugarbush Resort wanted to increase the number of fans on their Facebook page and also grow their email subscriber list. They decided to run a Sweepstakes competition that offered $15,000 in prizes. To enter the competition fans had to enter their email address and “like” the page.


  1. Gained 3,000 likes in one month
  2. Grew the email list by 2,000 subscribers

Successful Facebook Marketing Campaigns Case Study 5

If you want to see more successful case studies from people usingConstant Contact ‘s social tools you can find them here.
Source: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2012/12/20/5-successful-facebook-marketing-campaigns-case-studies/

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